The Pole Vault Factory is a year round USATF Pole Vault Club that greatly improves the skills of beginner to elite pole vaulters.

Winter Session

1/25 - 3/13

T,W 7:00-9:00 (may add R)

Sun 12:30-2:30 2:30-4:30

Sign up open

New year, new forms (college thing)

3hr PV Coaching Clinic available

Text me at 440 610 8014

(clinics page)

I have 2 poles to trade:

1470 UCS

1250 UCS

I need 1325, 1375, 1480

Note:    When you come to club, come in the north west door by the dumpsters and the garage door.  That will save you the 5 mile walk through the building

Forms PageForms.html

I will be at these indoor meets:

Oberlin    sat 1/8      cancelled

Oberlin    sun 1/30   cancelled

Oberlin    sat 2/5      cancelled

Oberlin    sun 2/20   cancelled

more to come

You sign up

sign up with your school if you want to be in the indoor state meet, or as unattached if you don’t

To buy or rent poles:

UCS and Altius

best prices in area

Shawn Beamer

(419) 217-0507

Winter Club is temporarily Closed

Well, some changes have occurred:  Oberlin College is now closing to outside groups again because of the Omicron Covid Variant.  That means we can’t have club there unless they change their minds.  I am officially appealing that decision and hope they will reconsider letting us back in.  The Omicron variant seems to be much more contagious (so many cases) but much milder than other variants and only one death in the US.  The joke on the internet is it has the same symptoms as a cold (CDC). Yes, Omicron is very active, but is it as big a threat as the news says it is?

For now, we’re out, Swim teams are out, Jason’s training is out, Tennis leagues are out,Track teams are out.  The new temporary starting date for the Winter club is Jan 18.  If that doesn’t work, you can join the vault clubs in Bellevue and Twinsburg or I might be able to have the club in a building on the south end of Oberlin.

More later, Roark

(see runway note below if you do indoor meets)

How to adjust from our practice runway back to the ground:

The 6” raised runway gives you many advantages for better practices and is a little different than vaulting without it. To move back to the ground use the guide below.

•DO NOT use the same pole and the same run.  You might get rejected.

•If you want to use the same length run, drop down a pole in weight and lower your   grip one grip.

•If you want to use the same pole, move back one to two strides (5 lefts to 6 or 7 lefts) and lower your grip one grip.

•Do some short run warm up jumps then go back for a longer run and vaults.

•Once you get used to it, adjust up as you need. (Pay attention to spring theory (drills


•Try to keep the standards in the 24” - 31” range. Any closer and it’s hard to vault like you should.

The 18th isn’t working, so maybe the 35th. Looks like Bellevue has some openings in 2nd group on Sundays